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Operation Summary

Operation Name:

Total Leasing & Finance

Identification Code:

Total Operation Cost:5.000.000  USD

72 months

Operation Status:
BSTDB Approved AmountApproval Date
5.000.000  USD10 Feb 2012
BSTDB Signed AmountSigned Date
5.000.000  USD14 Jun 2012
Status: Completed
Description and Purpose
of the Operation:

Provision of a Lease Financing Facility to finance SMEs. The proceeds of the Facility shall be used by the Borrower exclusively for the purpose of financing new and refinancing of existing lease transactions to beneficiaries which satisfy Lease Eligibility Criteria. The Loan aims to contribute towards expanding of the SME lending program of one of the leading companies in the leasing market in Moldova and thus facilitate the access to finance for small and medium sized private businesses and entrepreneurs.

Countries of Operation:
Moldova100,00 %
Financial Product:



Financial Institutions




ICS Total Leasing SA was established in 2006. It is one of the leading and actively developing leasing companies in Moldova.



Developmental and Regional Cooperation Impact:

Working with Total Leasing & Finance will assist BSTDB in its objective to support the development of the SME sector in the countries of the Black Sea region. Due to the Borrower's well-established market presence and strong commitment to develop SME business, BSTDB will be able to support growth and expansion of small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs which cannot be otherwise accessed by BSTDB directly. The Facility will help the Borrower to diversify its funding base.

Environmental Classification and Impact (summary):

In order to reduce/avoid any Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) impacts that potentially may arise from financial leasing activities, the Borrower will need to provide evidence that it has adopted appropriate environmental policy and environmental assessment procedures and has integrated these as fully as possible in its overall portfolio management. The Borrower shall follow the BSTDB's Negative List of Products and local EH&S legislation, as well as make sure that the beneficiaries fully comply with these requirements.

Operation Leader:

Financial Institutions II


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